Gold – Solidarity, values, spirituality, educational attainment, highest achievements

Blue – Peace, love, harmony with the world and the environment, consciousness, freedom of our human blood

Green – Environmental and ecological balance, protect and preserve, health and natural resources

White – The purity of Science and facts kept free from any prejudice


Gear – Spontaneous sharing of ideas and skills

Cane – The source of life in Negros

Ribbon (with year 1998) – Foundation or institution; achievement and authority; achievement and authority

Torch with Neutron and Sunrays – Light and power through science and energy; hope, faith and life

Book – Education, knowledge, learning

Laurel leaves – Wisdom, honor, victory


First AID Corner

First Aid PH

It is the first in the Philippines in helping to save lives. Volunteers + Logistics + Information Technology = Philippine Red Cross that is Always first, Always Ready, Always There. The Application gives you instant access to pertinent needed to handle common first aid emergencies.

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