Undergraduate Programs


    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

      Majors in
    • Major in Crop Science
    • Major in Animal Science
    • Organic Agriculture

    Bachelor of Science in Biology
    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

      Majors in
    • Financial Management
    • Marketing Management

    Bachelor of Science in Criminology
    Bachlor of Science in Fisheries
    Bachlor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
      Now Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Bachelor of Secondary Education

      Majors in
    • Physical Science
    • English
    • Mathematics


    Bachelor of Arts in English

      Now Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies

  • Accreditation Status

    BSEd-TLE now Bachelor in Technology & Livelihood Education

      Majors in
    • ICT
    • Home Economics
    • Industrial Arts
    • Agri Fishery Arts

    Bachelor of Science in Mathematics


First AID Corner

First Aid PH

It is the first in the Philippines in helping to save lives. Volunteers + Logistics + Information Technology = Philippine Red Cross that is Always first, Always Ready, Always There. The Application gives you instant access to pertinent needed to handle common first aid emergencies.

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